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Did anyone find there gyno helpful on the first visit to them, please help!

I went to my gyno for the first time, she took more swabs and examined me all while I was in agony! She then said she can't see anything and would like to see what my MRI on my back shows as it can cause pain.. I find it hard to believe I'm in so much pain and so sore from back pain! I mentioned the doctor thinks I have endo and all she said was well your on the depo and it's to do with periods and refused the idea! Any ideas?

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Hi... Im about six weeks away from my laparoscopy for endo. I have had pain for years... I was on the depo for 3 years to control my periods it worked for a while but then i started to get the severe stabbing pains etc and bleeds again..i myself was told it was my periods but i changed doctors and now i am finally on my way to finding out whats going on.. Its took me 5 years of agony to finally get listened to..i totally understand your frustration. Hope this helps :)


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