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My obgyn diagnosed me with pcos and endometriosis but the only way she said that they can confirm the endometriosis is if I take Lupron. After hard put research I refused to take Lupron and she is saying that because of my weight they cant do laparoscopy to confirm my endometriosis. I am weighing 300lbs today. Im lost at this point and have been seen by 6 obgyns and 3 different doctors and no endocrinologists will see me. Ive insurance and im going in circles. Any advice would help please! My pain is unbearable and has made me leave my job.

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Well that just stinks. I am sorry to hear this. I am sure you have tried the usual birth control routes. But did they have you try them nonstop? Did that help any? My Dr. told me that I had a choice to see if it was endo. I could either take the depo shot for 6 months, or have the surgery ( I had the surgery, then later after fighting the insurance company about giving me Lupron immediately after the surgery, I have started the depo shot). Because the Dr. said if the depo provera worked for the pain BEFORE doing surgery on me, it meant I had endo. So, perhaps this is an option for you? There are many horror stories of the depo shot. But given my limited options (due to issues with estrogen) it was the better choice at the moment.(I have done so much research I am quite sure my family, friends, and Dr. are quite sick of the whole thing.) I wish you the best of luck, because on a normal day it's hard enough to get Dr.'s to listen to us.


Unfortunately there are side effects and horror stories about every medication, treatment and procedure. There is only one way to find out how you will react and that's to have the injection. Some ladies have dreadful side effects and others do not suffer at all.

My personal experience is that I've had Endo and PCOS for over 20+ years. I have also adenomyisis and a fibroid. An MRI scan showed ovaties stuck to uterus and the bowel is also stuck. I have a leaking chocolate cyst and Endo is also affecting my POD and uteral scaral ligaments.

I can not take the combined pill as I have migraines. The progesterone only pill made me bleed continuly. And so I have a mirena in place (my 3rd attempt).

My pain is awful. I'm taking a cocktail of pain medication but the pain , fatigue and bowel symptoms are still impacting on my quality of life.

I was/am anti GNRH drugs but out of desperation I have agreed to trial them for a month in the hope that I get some relief. I had my first injection of decapatyl on Tuesday.

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