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Sick of it all

I am totally sick off it all I am in total agony ever since I had my op nearly 2 years ago I have been tallying my gyne every appointment I go to they are always different doctors just keep fobbing me off with different meds I go back next week I don't see point they never listen to me I have had constant pain in my left side back bowel vagina I can't even go to toilet with out being in pain I have been treated constantly for uti please any advice what to say at appointment x

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Hi, how awful for you, I feel your pain.

Something clearly needs to be done so go in there and demand they do something instead of fobbing you off. Cry and stamp your feet if u have to! Hope you get it sorted, I really do. It's a bloody god awful condition and only fellow sufferers understand xx

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Thanks Hun I will and it is true nobody understands unless they have it themselves although I do have a great support system in my family they've been great could not of done it without my mum and sister x


That's good, don't know where I'd be without my mum. My husband says all the right things but I know he doesn't "get it". I guess it makes us more thankful for the ones we have. Good luck hun xx


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