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Feeling more unwell following Lap surgery - like my digestion and hormones are "out of kilter" - anyone else had this issue?

As some of you will know, I had a fourth lap surgery about a month ago (03/03/2014 to be precise). I've had surgeries in the past to try to remove my Endometriosis. The previous one was an excision to remove Endo from deep in my Utero-Sacral Ligament(s).

I had some relief for a period following the excision, however, my most recent surgery was because of a recurrence of symptoms. I have never really had relief from painful and heavy/clotty periods. However, more recently (around the middle of last year) I started experiencing other symptoms that suggested to me my Endo could be back. I was getting very bloated around period-time, also quite "run down" and lethargic feeling. I was also constantly fatigued, and my diarrhoea had returned. I also had an irritating newer symptom of feeling like I needed to pee loads, and very frequently!

My Consultant (an Endo Specialist) agreed to the further lap, although he was reticent and made clear that further surgeries were becoming increasingly risky. Following the surgery, I had a very nasty reaction to the Anaesthetic (which is usual for me), and felt so ill when the Doctor came round to tell me what had gone on during surgery that I only took in the words "found Endometriosis" and "Peritoneal Biopsy".

I am still waiting for a follow-up (my 4th April appointment was cancelled due to what looks like a Secretarial error) and I have appointment on 22nd April instead. I was told whilst getting the rearranged appointment that superficial Endo was removed, as well as some adhesions - also that the biopsy taken was not Endo, but something else that contained fat cells and connective tissue. I am SO confused!

However, since the surgery, I've had a few weeks of feeling somewhat better. I went out this Saturday shopping, and have felt really bad since. I'm worried I may have "overdone" it (I did do a lot of walking about - a good hour's walking, with a handbag), or that I have pulled something. I have 3 lap scars, and the one just above my pubic area is very painful and red. The others are healing ok.

The front of my abdomen low down truly hurts - feels like pulling. I can feel pain constantly around the scar area. I also have very, very bad bloating (stomach looks pregnant), and I'm struggling with going to the loo. I feel a need to pee constantly, and also feel constipated. However, this morning had diarrhoea. I've also got water retention, and an outbreak of spots on my chin. I feel very much like I'm "on my period" - sort of "hormonal" - but I'm NOT!

Can having a Lap make you feel like this? Can it make your hormones "out of sync" or disrupt your digestion? Any advice would be REALLY helpful - especially as for the last couple of days I've been feeling increasingly nauseous. Don't want to make a fuss, and ring the Doc, in case it is something "normal" that will rectify itself in time.

Thanks in advance for any replies...


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Hi Elaine, So sorry that things seem to have gone a bit pear shaped for you,after this latest surgery.I would advise you to get straight to your doctor -could be a UTI,or wound infection brewing or maybe just you have overdone it.Really best to have some medical advice?I think we endo ladies are so very used to a high degree of pain that we often feel reluctant to see doctor.I managed to go around with what was eventually found to be a severe kidney infection,involving iv antibiotics,for at least a month as I though it was the ovarian cyst causing me to need to pee constantly. Nausea also a sign of infection?It also will depend on just how much work you had done inside and where.

Every time I have abdo/pelvic surgery - have had 2x Csection,appendix out and 3 laps - my hormones and digestion gets very disrupted for a long time.I always get an ileus - basically paralysed ileum,then trapped gas- after an anaesthetic and this can be worse than the surgery pain.Both the anaesthetic,painrelief and the rummaging and pocking about inside will upset your insides and can cause both constipation and the opposite.After surgeries I usually resort to IBS medicines - spasmanol or meberverine or peppermint oil capsules.These all seem to calm the general reactivity in the gut.I also have to take laxative powders and physillium husk( though this is nor recommended if there has been any bowel sugery/excision)

It is so so frustrating when appointments are cancelled.I was to have an appointment last week and it has been moved till end of November ! Meanwhile I am still awaiting an emergency appointment with gynea which wa srequested in December.I cant afford to go private and am sick of being in such agaony.Phoned to ask for results of recent Ct scan,but secretary says there is a letter to the gynae sitting there,but it is unsigned as the surgeon is on holiday 2 weeks,and so she cant tell me !!So so much waiting.

Please see Gp right away -in fact if you have any sign of a temperature,this is an emergency so get out of hours attention.

Wishing you all the best.Do let us know how you get on.Sending you a big hug.


So sorry to hear you are going through this. I had my first lap 5 weeks ago today. I felt ok at first, but then my digestive system also became very disrupted. Try to avoid wheat/dairy and eat little and often. Peppermint tea and Buscopan kept things relatively calm for me. Be careful which pain killers you take as these can also disrupt your digestive system. 5 weeks on I still ache quite a lot but the digestive problems have died down. I'm still bruised quite a bit on the outside so keep telling myself that inside probably has a long way to go. Like you, I think I've probably overdone it a few times. I'm lucky that I'm in a sitting job, but have still been taking it easy in the evenings to give my body a chance to heal. Best of luck x


Thanks to both of you...

Still feeling under the weather - constipated at moment! Intense pain in lower back, as well. NOT pleasant at all.

Strangely, I've not really felt like eating much, so the avoiding of what and dairy is easy - the eating little and often is not really happening. I am using peppermint tea - and green tea, as well. I am finding these somewhat soothing, especially as I've had some indigestion (which I do not usually suffer from much). I may try the peppermint oil capsules, too - sound like a good idea, as I can take them out and about with me.

I'm still a little frustrated regarding the rearranged appointment. I just want my Biopsy results back, in full, and I want to know my future treatment plan. The other thing is that my father is due to go into Hospital for surgery the week of my appointment. I'd wanted to be completely free of anything Endo-related whilst he was in Hospital, as I know my mother will be quite anxious. I didn't really fancy the idea of visiting a poorly parent in Hospital, the same week as getting my Biopsy and surgery outcomes. Still, I guess that's just the "way the cookie crumbles"... I'm flippin' hoping it turns out to be a double chocolate chip cookie, with all the trimmings!

I am starting to think I've maybe overdone something - I've noticed that my pain is most intense after prolonged movement (did the vacuuming today, and now my back is really sore). I've not really needed strong pain killers this last week - and here I am today on cocodamol! I also had to sit for much of yesterday evening with two hot water bottles - one for my back, and one for my front pelvis. It's pathetic, really!

Talked it through with hubby, and I don't feel like I have a temperature. Still, we've agreed that if I'm still feeling rotten tomorrow, I contact the G.P. (urgh!). Here's hoping an evening's relaxation, and pain killers will do the trick!

Thanks again for your helpful advice,

Elaine. x


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