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CLINIC APPOINTMENT UPCOMING - advice on best path to take please?

A month ago I had a diagnostic lap and found out about the endo, I am due back in clinic soon and want to go in armed with the best route to take. I think they will offer the coil or depo-p or something. What has been the best thing for people? I am 31, childless and only have one ovary. Crippling pain on a daily basis, much worse around ov and period. Stopped working (TEMP I hope!) Would love a hysterectomy to end all this but they won't do it I don't think!

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Forme Mirena Coil has been the best of the bunch - but you have to be open to trying different things as what suits one woman won't suit all.


I'm sure that's what they'll try in the first instance. Thanks so much for your input xx


30 is the point my consultant will do a hysterectomy as I have already said this is an option I want to consider. However at 23 they won't do it (which I can understand although it annoys the hell out of me). I don't want kids, I've never wanted kids, I'm not maternal and go out of my way to avoid kids, my fiancé hates kids and I have been told of I do get pregnant it would be extremely high risk and I would spend most of if in hospital so .... Just counting down the next few years! If you are serious about it they should take your opinion on board. I'm trying the mirena this month - anything to stop my periods! Xx


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