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water infection!!!!!!!!

I posted a question on here weeks ago about a bloated tummy and pain in back, i had swabs done which made me cry i got back from work that day found i was bleeding which was scary so i went to hospital they are treated me for a water infection this was a week ago stil suffered with bloated tummy and bad back BUT have to admit stinging down below has stop wondered if anyone had same problem, i've develop a cough now and back pain is throbbing still

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Just be wary of the UTI being 'cured' - it could be Ecoli - which is rarely cured with one course of antibiotics because it has two types of bacteria. the master ones who hide in a layer of biofilm and reproduce massively when conditions are right, and they are immune to most antibiotics which cannot penetrate the biofilm, and then the regular ecoli cells which are the ones that cause problems multiplying like ad - but which do get killed off by antibiotics making you feel well again for a while at least.

Repeat infections in endo ladies tend to be Ecoli which needs monitoring, so if you have finished the antibiotics and feel a lot better - still take a pee pot to the GP to get it checked for infection - it could still be there only not showing you obvious symptoms, in which case you need more antibiotics. Don't just assume that because you feel better, all teh bactreia are dead.

Endo and Ecoli are best buddies. Ecoli encourages spread of endo, and endo encourages Ecoli.

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hiya thank been asked to go for cervical screening too am going to go back to docs tomoro may mention this x


Oh how awful! I really do sympathise with you. I suffer with recurrent UTI's and have had 4 Ecoli infections in the last year. :-( Keep going back to the docs is all I can say! Sorry you're in so much pain with it! x


will do huni xx thank you xx


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