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Where do I stand as just started a new job in jan I'm sure I will have op in next few months?

I work in a Heath spa and am doing on average 5-6 hours of massage a day it's really hard work and I know after op to remove cyst endo and part of bowel I can't rush back to work because it so physical? Can they sack me what money will I get I don't think I will get sick pay?

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You get SSP statutary sick pay -

the details are on the government website


You employer pays you your SSP and claims it back from the government.

So they are not out of pocket other than they will need to pay someone else to cover your hours. The SSP lasts 28 weeks. That should be enough to cover your healing from a big op.

My recovery from a laparotomy big op was 4-5 months to be op pain free, but my tummy muscles took up to a year to get back to full strength.

Your employer must make reasonable adjustments for your abilities when you return to work, it may mean working light duties on reception where you can be sat down and not having to use your weak tummy muscles. Or reduce the hours you work on the more strenuous jobs each day.

Expect to be off work for a couple of months. It takes at least that long to be safe to drive after a big hole op.

If you are lucky and have all the work done by lap op keyholes then your return to work will be in about half the time needed for the big hole procedure.


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