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scan polycycstic ovaries

I wonder if anyone can help me.I was admitted to hospital and was given a scan on my ovaries and was told all they seen was polycyctic ovaries which they assumed they new I had which I didn't and they said I must of known cos it doesn't just come I have had several scans on my ovaries and my last one was july and it was clear. The man who done the scan of my ovaries said they were sizeing 16 but should be 10 and im really concerned now that the man doing the scan as automatically said it was cycstis and it could be something else, I have all the sypmtoms of endo. I have been in constant pain for the last 4 weeks my boobs hurt all the time I have been constipated for 4 weeks to. thanks for reading om just very concerned.

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I'm not an expert on Pcos - but having cysts does cause sore boobs.

I have had a number of endometriomas - (blood filled cysts from endo) and when these are substantial and on the verge of bursting that's when I get the sore boobs thing going on.

I expect it's much the same with Pcos cysts, because the hormone levels are out of whack.

Being constipated for 4 weeks is something you can and must be doing something about yourself.

Either laxatives taken orally - or also with suppositories up the bum -which, while ickier to deal with, are actually the better way to clear out constipation because they clear blockage from the blocked end.

I find using glycerine suppositories the best.

Buy them and a packet of throw away gloves (available from the nappy counter in most big supermarkers).

Just wet the pellet in water and insert up the bum as far as you can...throw away the glove in a plastic bag or something. Then sit tight...and boy to I mean tight.

The pellet of glycerine tells the bowel to absorb water in to it. You will feel the urge to go in about 20 mins but don't go to the loo s this will all be water.

The longer you can hold on - aim for 40mins to an hour - the longer that water will hve to break down the impacted poop and the more will clear out of you when you do get to the loo.

Do this once a day every day for a few days till you re sure that your bowels are cleared out.

And make sure you take oral laxatives if you are taking lots of pain killers. The pain killers cause constipation.

Some ladies do just have larger ovaries than others - and one larger than the other. So I would advise you speak to your GP about other tests for PCOs to confirm the diagnosis from the scanner chap. Escpecially if up to know you have not had any signs of Pcos.

You should get referred to Gynae consultant and that is the time you should discuss your thoughts on possibly having endo.


I've had PCOS and Endo for 20+


There is PCOS.... Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. This is where your ovaries (sometimes just one ovary) has multiple follicle cysts and you also experience some or all of the below symptoms:

Extra hair on your face


Excessive oily skin

Hair loss on your head

Weight gain especially around your tummy.

Irregular or absent periods

Depression, low mood and/or anxiety.

Fertility problems.

You can also have PCO (poly cystic ovaries) which is when you ovaries have the multiple cysts but you have none of the above symptoms.

Both can be diagnosed by transvaginal scanning and blood tests.

I think the constipation is unrelated to the PCO/PCOS, but could be Endo related. Or it may be completely coincidental. A good place to go would be to your local chemist and ask them to recommended something to help you go. My personal favourite is a pill called Ducolax.

Have you had a laparoscopy? If not then you should really push for that to happen.

Best wishes,

Barbara x


Thank you both om in so much pain. I now know what the cycts are and not had a laparoscopy yet. Im having a proceadsure done soon where they inflate like a balloon inside me and burn all the cells.


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