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Woke up in pain

I've had an internal scan (in January), which has showed fibroids, and I'm going for a sigmoidoscopy next week because of bleeding from my rectum (cyclical). I don't often have pain, perhaps once every 3 months or so, so I don't know if it's linked to these things or not.

Last night, I woke up from a dream where I was in pain, to find out that the pain was not in my dream. It was a real achey pain to start with, that radiated from my cervix area, and then into my rectum. It started to get really, really painful after a while, so I got up out of bed. It started to subside after a few minutes. I've been left feeling really achey down below, and really drained in myself.

Could it be the fibroids? The rectum problem? Or just a one off?

In the past, I have really been floored with pain, which starts off with backache, and radiates round to my lower abdomen. The only relief has been to take painkillers and lie flat on my back.

I'm glad I'm having the sigmoidoscopy next week, but worried it won't show anything, and they'll think I'm wasting their time. I've had the bleeding for at least a year, now.


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