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bleeding after lap is this normal in this way?

Hi ladies- just wondering if any of you had this problem?

I had my laparoscopy on the 20th february 2014 - so 5 weeks and 1 day ago

When i rest and I am not doing to much activity I dont seem to bleed from my vagina...

but for instance I have got up today after a 7.5 hour sleep and I had my morning wee and no blood present...

I go to Get ready for work, get the dog sorted out for the day and get off for my drive to work- and I am bleeding from my vagina when i get to work...

I know that is normal to bleed/spot after the laparoscopy for up to 6 weeks- but it seems like it happens more so when I am abit more busier than normal and not resting I bleed. sometimes light-and other times very heavy.

Also after sex with my partner I bleed straight away- when I was told to resume normal activities straight away and when your feeling up to it.

I dont think I would have an infection because I havent been feeling unwell apart from the odd cramps and my stomach swelling has dramatically decreased-

Kind of feeling worried and a bit in the unknown.

Lisa xx

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Oh please don't worry that's normal esp after a lap. I had my 7th lap on Monday & I promise you that's what I do xx


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