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Back to back on the pill


Hi everyone after my follow up on my laprascopy which discovered I have endo - not severe but severe enough to cause extreme pain - was explained that sometimes small spots of it spread over a wider area can be more painful than a lot of it. Anyway as I still young and want to try for a baby next year they wat me to go on the pill back to back and just skip periods for 3/4 months meaning id only have a period 2/3 times a year. Has anybody else tried this process?

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Hey. I am doing this at the moment. Whilst waiting for my lap to confirm (so I am not actually diagnosed). Doc has put me on back to back and seems to be helping. Although I forgot to take one pill and started spotting, then had awful stabbing pain in my ovary yesterday. Has gone now though :) Pain during sex is no better though x


This was recommended to me after years of already being on the pill, but i had already started taking my pill back to back before a doctor told me too because i was petrified of a period. I dont want to scare you but on the odd occassion where i forgot my pill or when i was told i needed a break i would always without a doubt end up in a&e. I'd wake up a shaky, dizzy, painful mess. This may be due to the bleeding causing anaemia i dont really know? But now i am constantly back to back with no breaks at all so i am better than i have been but theres still a chance of breakthrough bleeding which im scared to death of! But if you feel when you do have your breaks they are still just as bad or worse dont hesitate to go to your GP and demand another solution whether it be constantly back to back pills like me or any other form of contraception.

As for the pain with sex, i haven't had sex in a good few months. Im too scared of making myself worse and thankfully i have a very understanding boyfriend!

Yes it is a very good way to reduce the risk of new endo spreading if you do have endo, and also should give you back more free time without the trouble and pain of having periods.

Saves money too as you are not using tampons or towels.

If you are having a surgery to look for endo then go back to having a monthly period for a couple of months before the operation, it is easier to see endo if it is active while you are on a period or recently had one. And if the surgeon can se it he can then hopefully remove it.

Endo is hard to see if it is dormant and not active and is easy to miss getting removed.

If you have endo and have surgery for endo the long term management will be much the same, reducing considerably the number of periods you have each year or stopping them altogethr for up to 5 years with mirena coil,

Both methods can be stopped at any time you want to start trying for a pregnancy, but they are much better for you than suffering un-necessarily every month and costing a fortune as well.

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