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Should I have a diagnostic laparoscopy?

Hi all. My husband and I have been ttc for 2 years now, since we had a miscarriage at 12 weeks.... We have both had all tests etc done and all okay apart from myself having a small cyst which 2 sonographers think is an endometrioma (chocolate cyst ). This cyst was spotted by chance during a hycosy which measures 1.6 cms.

We are strongly considering IVF, but wondering if we should deal with this first. I am 35 years old and time is ticking.


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a diagnostic lap and removal of the cyst won't take too much time out of baby making nd will improve your chances of TTC naturally and having a less painful pregnancy if you are found to have adhesions and they are cut back - so for that reason having a lap would better prepare your body for any pregnancy either IVF or natural.

Surgeons advise the best time to conceive is in the six month after lap op while the engine has recently been cleaned up as it were.

A Lap op and recovery is going to be bout 6-8 weeks all told, but you can start TTC s soon as you feel comfy enough returning to bedroom activities - usually 2-3 weeks after an op.

It may turn out during the lap that neither of the ovaries are able to release an egg to get anywhere near your tubes - even though the tubes are clear, in which case you know right way not to waste time on TTC naturally and you can head straight to IVF.

It can answer a lot of questions - so on balance my advice is go for the lap op first and find out what the situation is looking like in there and what can be done there and then to improve your chances of success.


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