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Can other illnesses have the same symptoms as endo

Hello everyone

I had a routine pill check with the nurse at my doctors and we talked about how I was coping with my endo and how the pain was like we do each time but this time she has booked me in for a blood test next week to test my kidneys, liver, glucose, blood count etc a full check as she has a hunch that maybe there is something else going on as well as endo, she asked where I had pain abdomen, legs , back and arms- things seem to be heavier to me than they should be but I put that down to being so tired etc

She said it could be all due to endo but wants to be sure, I'm really nervous about next week and worried what else could be wrong?

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Bare in mind Endo is there for life so it will always be possible that from time to time other less permament illness will plague you just as much as they wold ny other average person in the street.

e.g. Gall stones, Kidney stones, thyroid problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and all sorts of common ailments.

May can be rectified with the right help some, some can't be cured but can be managed.

It is also possible that your immune system is not working well with all it has to do each month , which can make you more likely to pick up bug illnesses like bacterial or viral infections, and when you do get them, can take a lot longer to get rid of them.

Sure sounds like all the symptoms you listed are quite likely to be endo - but bare in mind endo grows anywhere on any other organs - so it can in advanced stages impact on how those organs work and stop them functioning normally.

The vast scope of possible side effects is part of the difficulty in pinning down a diagnosis of endo, because no two of us have identical endo patterns of growth.


Thank you for your message I have had endo for about 10 years now, 2 laps in that time and I get ill quite often with cold and bugs etc and they do take a long time to go and it has seemed worse in the last few months with not much time in between each illness

I hope these tests help I just get so nervous not really knowing what I'm being tested for, my nurse just said 'a hunch' so all sorts go through your mind but I also know how lucky I am as help can be hard to get with this illness


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