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Endometriosis and pregnancy?

I have currently not been diagnosed with endometriosis – only suspected. I was due to see the gynaecologist in May to elaborate on my pain that has been dull on and off for four years.

I am 30 and now 4 months pregnant. Scans and internal ultra sound show nothing but a cyst on my ovary but that is not all. I have endo symptoms and feel that its getting worse in pregnancy. People say this isn’t possible but having read the symptoms I have self diagnosed myself. Has anyone been pregnant with endometriosis? I feel like its worse when my bladder is full.

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No not possible - endo is exactly the same cells that are in the womb - they don't know they are not in the womb. So they will respond in the exact same way the the lining of the womb is responding right now.

If you have a period - so too does the endo wherever it may be.

If you are pregnant and the lining of the womb in thickening as the embryo implants ..same thing will happen to the endo lesions, they will thicken too and stay put till the end of the pregnancy.

Having a cyst and having a pregnancy with an expanding uterus will inevitably push the cyst out of the way ...and probably land it right on the bladder for the time being so when the bladder is full the cyst is heaved up again and can cause pains.

However the main reason for pains that may feel like endo pain are adhesions or sticky scar tissue sticking organs together. They are as tough as superglue, but as the organs are supposed to be freely moving around and able to move as the expanding baby/uterus pushes them out the way, if they are stuck with adhesions then these have to stretch and snap or tear where they are anchored and this will be painful in the early stages of pregnancy, if they were not cut in the weeks before getting pregnant during a lap op.

It doesn't last the entire pregnancy because once they are snapped or torn to allow your organs to shift about they should be prevented from resticking by the ever expanding baby.

So what you think are endo pains and probably are adhesion pains will eventually stop as everthing that does need separating will have separated.

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Just like yourself I have been getting symptoms of endometriosis but I am yet to have it officially diagnosed by a G.p or gynecologist.

To my knowledge I've been getting these symptoms of endo on and off for about 5 yrs now but the problem is it's never been too severe up until now.

During last year (2013) I was pregnant with my 2nd child & she is now 4 & a half months old.

For roughly 4 years I've had what seems to be a cyst on the labia side area of my vagina. In the beginning it seemed to come & go with no pain or discomfort with what looked & seemed like it was filled with a liquid type substance.

Since giving birth to my 2nd child in November last year this cyst has become firmer, larger & very uncomfortable to the point sometimes it feels as if I've got a Lil golf type ball between my legs.

I'm not sure if I'm being my own devils advocate by assuming or diagnosing myself with endo but it sure feels as if something has changed " down below" in the last few months.

As my g.p surgery can be a bit difficult to get appointments I've been advised by the receptionist at the surgery to call again on Monday morning so as I'm very curious to know what's really going on this is what I'll do.



I've had two pregnancies since being diagnosed with endo and I was in and out of hospital with pain during both, no one suggested it could be linked to the endo it's almost like it had been forgotten completely even though I told my gp I was getting endo pain. My pregnancies were both horrendous but that's another story. Keep positive Hun were very lucky to fall pregnant with endo and holding your little one in your arms will make all the suffering worthwhile. Always here if you need a chat.

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