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Has anyone experienced irregular bleeding while on Zoladex?

Hey ladies

I had my first Zoladex injection 3 weeks ago. I've had no side effects as yet but I've come on 2 weeks after my last period. Since this period (which started 12 days ago) I've been bleeding every day. It's not heavy and I'm not having the usual period cramps or bloating. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced irregular bleeding whilst on Zoladex. Thanks xx

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Yes I have and the nurse would not give me my second injection, I'm seen my doctor tomorrow regards this matter. I'm so glad I'm not alone on this issue.


I'm 2 weeks into decapeptyl injections (same as zoladex really). Iv been lucky and not had a period but my doctor did say the first 4 weeks especially are very unsettled and it is normal to bleed in this time. It is if it continues on I think it becomes a problem then x


I bleed for a week 2 weeks into my first injection. Had my 2nd one tues and constantly feel like ok gonna come on xx


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