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Hi all, following yrs of pain, I was referred to specialist in Nov 13. Following a laprasopic investigation for suspected endometriosis, I came out of op with severe diagnosis, removed what he could but spread and needed more investigation. Well on 6th march I had further complex surgery for rectovaginal and stomach endometriosis plus mirena coil fitted. I'm now nearly 2wks into recovery and feeling so relieved that this illness has been diagnosed and I'm receiving treatment.

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Hi brightlight and welcome to the forum,

I must admit reading your post here looks as if you've being through quite alot of diagnostics and treatment but also very happy and relieved at what you are and have received.

If I could ask you at the time your rectovaginal and stomach endo was being in question or diagnosed did you seem to have any symptoms of a reoccurring cyst ?


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