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Hysteroscopy - can anyone else identify with this Daily Mail article?

I had this done and I know now that it was an unnecessary procedure for me to have done. It was done prior to my laparoscopy. It was the most painful thing I have ever had done and I would NEVER have it done again without an anaesthetic of some kind. At the time, I felt as though the doctor who did it wasn't able to understand my pain at all.

If anyone is due to have this procedure done INSIST on a local or general anaesthetic!!!


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I have harped on about this issue for a very long time - and not just for hysteroscopies.

It is not just the cervix that is too tight. A Speculum being opened up inside a vagina wrapped up in adhesions will be just as brutally painful.

I have had a number of really bad experiences in this regard - days unable to work afterwards - even after failed smear tests because the pain of ripped adhesions in the attempt to get a smear is so bad I cannot walk.

I have only in the past 3 years been made aware that all of us can insist on having an anaesthetic. It is NEVER mentioned in the literature because it costs money.

But lying to girls and women by telling them smears and hysteroscopies 'may cause mild discomfort' or worse telling them that it doesn't hurt, is just cruel lies beyond all justification.

I don't doubt that many women are able to have these things done and not feel much pain, but for every woman who does feel the agony - they should be able to get ALL the anaesthetic they NEED to have to get these procedures done.

An end to the Brutality of Medical staff is certainly a worthy issue to raise in parliament.


A few months ago my specialist was trying to do an internal examination but I was in agony. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and I could hardly walk afterwards. My cervix kept shutting closed any time he went near it and my uterus was tipped forward. I think he was more distressed by my pain than I was!

He now wants to do a hysteroscopy and I immediately asked if it would be under local or general anaesthetic. Fortunately he said general because of the bad experience a few months ago. At least some of them are human!

I have read somewhere on the forum that getting the local anaesthetic jab can also be very painful so beware of that too.


By local anaesthetic - I mean pills and entonox...not an injection down below ...that would be whoaaaaaa!!!! no way.


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