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Being an endo sufferer do i get any work protection rights?

Last thursday I had to go to another emergency doctors appointment, my works rules are phone 2 hours minimum before your shift so they can arrange cover. I gave them 4 hours notice and not one single manager bothered to tell my department so they could arrange cover leading to a fellow colleague not leaving til 11pm. Come saturday my manager had heard about this and started getting funny with me saying im starting to look suspicious as im always off of work and this got on my nerves a fair bit! Later that day he brang out the new rota and weeks ago he agreed to give me holiday for my hospital appointment with the specialist. But nope, didnt put me down for holiday but gave the person i share the shift with holiday and i had to agree to a shift swap. Today was the day of the shift swap and i had been very bad since yesterday evening, but because it wasnt my shift i had to go in. By the time i got in i instantly found another manager and poured my eyes out crying and she told me to definitely go home but thanked me for trying and reassured me she'd have a word with my manager. But im still scared to death im gunna get screamed at again because he doesnt bother trying to understand what im actually going through and how unpredictable it can be.

I really do fear losing my job. Help?

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I know how you feel. I can understand your situation. I am almost on the same boat as you. I have been waiting for a specialist for almost 8 weeks for a diagnostic laparoscopy for endometriosis . I have been pressurized being off sick by my work place. So I kept going to work. Today I fainted in an operation room while our team were about to operate a patient and I have been in pain for two months and taken so much painkillers. I am an Endoscopy nurse. I think right now you are under a lot of stress plus the illness. Be strong and positive! we will get our health back again.


I can totally sympathise with you. I've been off several weeks and am currently doing school based teacher training. I am waiting for laparoscopy and spoke to school today about returning and they basically want me to withdraw from the course. Something seriously needs to be done to highlight to employers how debilitating this illness is.


Something really needs to be done, i've missed 2 of 2 days i was scheduled to work this week. I've found when i've spoken to all my general store manager and other women managers they have been ok with it, i guess this is because they can somewhat sympathise. However, my actually manager is a man, he's only 26 and when he doesnt get what he wants he still acts like an immature baby. Im gunna have to print off some endo info and shove it in his face and just walk away or i'll end up losing it and screaming the store down!


Definately take in some facts for him, men find this sort of stuff scary. But maybe with the facts he can understand it more and be a better boss from it x


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