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Pain in the right side of middle back, is this related to my endo?

I've got my lap the 2nd of April and ive got too large chocolate cysts on both ovaries. My pain is normally lower abdomen, all round my pelvis and upper thighs. However the last couple of days I've had quite bad pain in the right side of my middle back, I'm feeling a little sick and it is hurting to pass urine (this is one of my symptoms for my endo but it seems to be constant). Had anyone else ever had these types of symptoms? is it related to endo?

Thanks for reading x

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It sounds like a kidney infection Hun, although I did read a post somewhere the other day that one lady was saying she has been admitted with kidney infections but they never find a cause and it's recently been linked to her endo.

So although it sounds like kidneys or a uti it could be endo.

Not really much help sorry :-/

I'd go see the gp again and have a urine test x x x


hi thanks for replying, thats what I was thinking, ive got an appointment book to go and see my GP wednesday so will hopefully discuss it then. I think i read about it on the nhs website as well about a lady who's kidney had been covered in endo and the endo was affecting its functions. I've had uti's before but this feels different maybe it is a kidney infection, have to wait and see what the gp says. Thanks for the help xx


Could be endo or a UTI,but I would advise you not to wait till Wednesday ! Phone your GP or phone out of hours service,as if it is an infection you need antibiotics right away. If you have a kidney infection you will be feeling very nauseaous,in extreme pain and probably a high/low temperature .I had a hospital stay last December due to combination of endo flare,burst cyst and what turned out to be a bad kidney infection.The hospital were amazed I hadn't noticed it ,but I wa sthinking it was all due to the endo,adhesions and cyst.A uti that has not got to kidneys will be lower down,so if yoy feel it in the back then please get attention.I ended up on IV antibiotics and was very unwell and then another 3 weeks of oral antibiotics.

Hope you get things sorted soon.If you do see Gp Wednesday,take a sterilised pot/tub with urine sample as will save time having to take on home,put back to surgery.That way if there is any blood.protein in urine they can test it there and give you antibiotics there and then.


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