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Confused after first lap

Hi lovely ladies. Hope you're all well today. Had my first lap almost 2 weeks ago. Things seem to be healing well. Until I have my follow up appointment I've to run my pill back to back. I was due my period last week and have had horrendous pain since the day I was due. Would I be better just having a period and letting on body get on with it? I'm on the verge of going to hospital but know I'll just get sent home with pain killers. I realise long term I can't keep having a period but maybe just until things settle? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Feeling desperate xx

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What a horrible predicament to be in. Are you tri-cycling your pill? For how many weeks do you have to keep taking it? Your body may just have some break-through bleeds if it gets too much. After my lap, I had to tri-cycle my pill, and when I finally had my first period, it was really heavy and painful, but after that, they settled down and were quite normal and not too painful. Can you call the consultants instead of going to the hospital, and ask their advice? Good luck xxxx


Thanks for your reply :-) going to ring the consultant tomorrow as I'm just at a loss. The pain is overwhelming. I think the operation part is fine, I just really feel like my body wants a period. Yeah I've been told to run 3 packs together. I'm only a week into my second!! Xx


Do you get pain in between your period now? xx


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