Watched the piece about Endometriosis on Lorraine - I have some of these symptoms!!!

Hi, after watching Lorraine I realised that I have a lot of these symptoms and some I have had for a very long time. I suffer with severe period pains and have for years however they have recently got even worse, my periods are irregular and very, very heavy, over the past few months I have passed blood from bottom just before period (although I had thought this was my piles), before and during my periods my stools are looser and much more frequent leaving me quite sore, and I have felt nausea before I come on but on my last 2 periods I have been physically sick too. I am on my period at the moment and it's day 3 and the pain is still very bad. I am so pleased that I am actually off work sick at the moment and I saw Lorraine, as I hadn't though of telling my doctor of all of this, I'm normally working full time and I think I haven't really paid attention to how bad it makes me feel. I have other health conditions so I have been lucky to speak with my doctor today and I am going to see her next week (when not bleeding) for an examination but she thinks she may need to send me to see a gynecologist due to all of the symptoms. I'm just so thankful I was at home to watch this piece to give me the kick that I clearly needed.

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  • Hi, Ive always suffered with my periods and belly pains. My doctor put it down to IBS, I had a miscarriage last year but am currently off work in agony in my ovaries. I also watched that programme, all my symptoms match Endometriosis. I went straight to the doctor and he admitted it looks very much like that, just waiting to get my emergency gyno appointment. Anyone else with these symptoms please get to the doctor!!!

  • It was like a light going on when I listened to it. I hope everything goes well for you.

  • So glad this awareness is helping people. I was ignored for years and now have very severe endometriosis. That's great both of you have been listened to by your doctors, all I can say is keep keep pushing don't get fobbed off when you go to the appointment. Endometriosis can only be diagnosed by having a laparoscopy. Which you can't have unless the medical professionals listen to you. Best of luck.xx

  • Thanks Cat, I have read so much now and I have so many of the symptoms that I'm not going to rest now until I find out. I just can't believe that I have never really looked at how bad I feel at times. I have type 1 Diabetes and an Underactive Thryoid as well and some symptoms seem to cross over. xx

  • You poor thing having other illness's to deal with too. Best of luck, let me know how you get on.xx

  • Hi Tambo -no5 . Its good that you've started reading as unfortunately many normal gynaes arent as knowledgeable as the endo specialists so its up to ourselves to become as informed as we can. I can highly recommend a facebook group called EndoMetropolis. It isnt just a suport group of women with endo thrre are several specialists who post on there too . It has several files thst are invaluable to read and helped understand a lot. It has an accompanying website called Endopaedia which is highly reliable & includes all the most up to date thinking on treatments. I started looking into endo less than a year ago but I am eager to become as informed as I can so that I can be my own advocate. There are plenty of horror stories but try to focus on finding the right way forward for you. The key things I have learnt are 1. Normal gynaes are not often not skilled enough to see all patches of endo or arent skilled enough to treat it if its on organs such as bowel or bladder so it is best to see if you can be referred to an NHS endo specialist centre - a list if them can be found on the BSGE website ( British Society of Gynae Endoscopy) 2. Simply burning off the patches of endo is often done by normal gynaes but endo specialists consider this to be futile and infact can make ut worse and instead would advocate excision ( cutting it out) 3. Hysterecomy is not a cure for endo. For some women it might be approprite though but if anyone tells you it will cure endo they are not adequately knowledgeable. 4. I have been told personally by THE leading endo specialist in the UK to NEVER let anyone take my ovaries. He said sometimes one mught have to go if it is severly diseased but they can usually be saved by a specialist & the dangers of having your ovaries removed are massive apparently. Scarey stuff but the more you read the more you are able to ensure you arent misdiagnosed and treated appropriately. Oh and I have got soooo much out of my local support group ( found it via endo uk website) xxx

  • That facebook group sounds great, I'll search for that. Thanks so much. Also completely agree with what you say about laser v excision surgery, and especially agree about removal of ovaries - it doesn't just impact bone density, it also has a very negative impact on heart health and longevity overall - which is scary stuff right!!!

    Girls I'd also recommend you loot at - the main endo charity in America. They are creating an absolute stink about endo, there are incredibly informative videos of Doctors and nurses conferences too, all so enlightening. Their next medical conference is next week in New York, and the videos will be shared on the website. Here

    Good luck all xx

  • Hi YellowRose, thank you for your info too. I am pleased that I have joined this group straight away. x

  • Hi Babelfish, thank you so much for all of the information, I have looked at Endopaedia and will add the facebook group too. It gives me an opportunity to be prepared too. Thanks again. xx

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