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How long should I continue taking Hrt once I've come off prostap?

Hey, hope everyone isn't doing too bad! I wondered if anyone might know how long I should continue taking Hrt once I've come off prostap? I'm not sure when to stop taking it because my own hormones will take a while to come back and I'm worried that if I stop straight away I might get all the awful menopausal feelings and depression. Does anyone have any advise on what I should do? Thanks!

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Keep on taking it until your ovaries have woken up and ovulated causing a period. any time up till then (however long it takes,) there will be a shortage of hormones which need replacing.

If they don't wake up (in rare cases but it can happen) then you are on HRT for the long term to supplement what you body needs, in much the same way as someone who had a total hysterectomy would need to stay on them.


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