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Hello ladies

I hope you can offer me tips or advice. It would be much appreciated. Having difficulty conceiving x

Me & my partner have been trying to conceive for the last 3 years. I had a large chocolate cyst & endo removed 13 months ago. Iv now found out I have another cyst, it definitely feels like endo has returned to. I am finding it very difficult emotionaly to cope with the dissapointment every month when I find I didnt catch. We desperatly would love a family. And the thought of not having children is heart wrenching. If anyone has been through the same experience & has any tips on conceiving I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Many thanks

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Hi Summerglow.

Although I've not been in the same position I can completely relate to the heart wrenching feeling at the thought of not having children. I've not even properly been diagnosed but children are first on my mind and I haven't conceived when off the pill (I'm on it at the moment as we decided to try later after job promotions etc). My partner calms me and talks of other others options but it doesn't get rid of the feeling of disappointment. I SHOULD be able to give birth :(

My sister tried for 3 years to conceive (trouble caused from autoimmune disorders) and were just about to try IVF when she fell pregnant naturally. It was definitely the stress and worry that had stopped it from happening. The minute she took her mind off it happened. I know this probably sounds patronising or you've heard it a million times but it really is. They bought a kitten and 3 months later she took a test and it was positive. She also tried this horrible tasting herbal remedy (that I will ask her about) at the same time. So it's either one!

My friend is also an holistic therapist and she does sessions with woman with fertility problems. Currently, 3 of her patients who come for massages with her, have become pregnant after YEARS of trying. I think this also supports the worry thing.

I hope this helped somehow.

Faye xx


Hi, I am in the same boat as yourself. My husband and I have been trying for 2 years and I know how you feel with being disapointed. Do you take folic acid? have you been referred to infertility department? My GP referred me to see someone and I am just waiting on a laparoscopy to remove endo as i feel its back but also doing a dye test to make sure there is no blockage in my tubes. If that all goes well I will be starting a round of clomid tablets to help me conceive. I know i haven't really suggested much but i think its always nice to know someone els in same position that its nothing you are doing personally x



I am in the same position as well so know how you feel and please don't feel alone. It's such a rollercoster. I've always known I would have problems conceiving, just always had a feeling, it's been something I've felt since I was about 14 and my husband has always been aware of it (we got together at 13!), but it doesn't make it any easier.

Started trying after getting married at 27 and now 30. We couldn't have tried any earlier due to finances etc. I recently had extensive surgery for severe grade 4 endo (ops in August and October) where I had my ovaries, bowel and uterus unstuck, extensive excision of endo including a lot of the lining of my peritoneum stripped, nodule of deep infiltrating endo dissected, endo removed from ligaments and ureaters plus loads more, also had a course of prostap to help calm things down as things got too bad at one point (and I have a friend who got pregnant straight after prostap after years of trying which gave mr a glimmer of hope!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed the surgery will have helped my chances a bit, my gynae seemed optimistic but it's difficult to stay positive each month.

Sending baby dust to you both xxx


Hi, I used vitabiotics trying to conceive tablets. I still use them now as they are the only thing that regulates my cycle - I bleed constantly on anything else or if left alone. Please believe in them or anything else you want, moonstone, whatever. It's important no matter what anyone else says. Best of luck xxxxx

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