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Marina coil and Depo injection?

Hi ladies,

I saw a specialist (5th one in 12 months) this week who believes my coil has stopped working as I am once again bleeding every day. He cannot remove it as it has moved so wants me to have the depo injection for 6 months as well as having my coil in. If this works he wants me to go back in 6 months and be put on the list for surgery to remove the coil. Why he couldn't have done that now I don't know. Of course, I will see someone new again when I go back and they will want to do something different I expect!! I have taken Northisterone for the past 2 months which stopped the bleeding but now he wants this done. He also said my GP will refuse to give me the injection as I have a coil so he needs to write to them. I'm just wondering if anyone elso has had this combination? x

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Surely if the mirena has moved it needs to be removed now? Also if it's moved, maybe that's the reason why it's stopped working?

The depo and mirena both

have progesterone in, so it doesn't sound right to have them together for six months! I know it's ok to take norethisterone with the mirena.

I don't know about you, but I'm so fed up with hospital doctors. Like you said we always see a different doctor at the hospital and then we have to explain ourselves all over again and then get given different treatment options. So bloomin frustrating!

I was referred and have two appointments so far. I haven't seen the consultant although requesting to do so. At my last appointment my MRI scan report was explained to me. I then requested a copy of the MRI which I got last week. A fibroid and lesions were found also but this information wasn't relayed to me!

Do you think doctors are being awkward, incompetent or do they just not care???

Sorry for the rant!

I wish you all the best.


Barbara x


If the coil has moved it will not be working, in addition this needs to be confirmed and checked with a scan, as mirena causes hosts of problems and can be dangerous xxx


Thank you for your replies ladies. I've had a scan which showed its there but the threads can't be found on internal exam. Apparently it's common when you have it fitted during surgery that it gets retracted up slightly as your organs settle back. Despite me telling him this and it's in my records he still tried. Makes you feel awful having internals like that for nothing. I think I will visit my GP this week and speak to her as she's very good.

You're right about seeing different specialists every time and they all have different ideas on what should be done. It's awful that they didn't tell you that information! I think it's a mixture of incompetence and thinking that we are making a mountain out of a molehill because 'its just a bit of period pain' isn't it ! A lot of symptoms I describe to them are met with well that's not caused by endo, when I know from here and the NHS websites that they are.

Sorry about my rant too lol xx


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