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Hi I decided to start the Endo diet. When I went on the website first time a few months ago I was stressed to see the list of what to avoid and I thought I can't possible do this and close it. However my painkillers doesn't work, I am still in pain and I need do do something.

I still think it is not possible to follow strictly with the endo diet rule and it will stress me out and that will give me more pain so I picked out my rule which are "Gluten, Dairy, Red meat free". Anyway to 4 weeks to start with.

What do you have with your endo diet?

Wheat free is quite difficult for me as I am bread lover and my breakfast is usually toast and sometime soup and bread is my favourite tea. I have substitute my pasta with gluten free and I cook my family's with normal one. It was easier as many gluten free products in Supermarkets but a bit pricey though well maybe I can cope.

Dairy free, I usually have soya milk in my tea or coffee (my tea and coffee are decaff as I get upset stomach from caffeine, get upset stomach from cold meds with caffeine.) I found "Dairy, gluten, egg, nut free" chocolate which solves my constipation (chocolate was always my constipation med:).

I am not so fond of red meat. I cooked pasta bolognese with turkey mince instead beef which my son didn't say anything about it.

On the Endo diet website Soy was on the avoiding list but it is OK food in Japanese endo diet website and being Japanese I thought I just continue eating as normal. But I went to get soy sauce which is gluten free (called Tamari). I wouldn't go over the top and have too much soy though. I have tiny amount of soya milk in my coffee in the morning a few times a week and gluten free soy sauce a few drops a time and Miso soup few times a week. Leaving out wheat food taking me to more Japanese food.

Well, I am just starting point and only a few days now and before I started, I didn't think it is my birthday next week and my family want to take me out. It probably easier to choose a main but pudding would be impossible. Ice cream has dairy, cake has gluten...ask for a fruit salad? just have a coffee?

Also next week, I was invited a home party. It is a potluck party. What can I take? Gluten free bread sandwich? So many thing has Gluten and Dairy. What do you do people who are strictly under the endo diet when you go to a party or restaurant? Just what you can eat and take a consequences?

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  • It's hard to stick with the endo diet completely but if you can work out which change of food helps you the most stick with that. I'd go for a dish with rice at parties and restaurants. There are some fab gluten free cake recipes around. If you like baking you could make one to share for your birthday. I've made GF cakes and not even told anyone - just watched them wolf it down!

  • Thanks for your reply.

    For my birthday, my husband and 5 year old son made me GF cake with fresh fruits. My son keep saying that was the best cake ever. Probably he thinks this cake won't make mummy ill. Well I hope so. Just before we were tucking in I just had a bad pain and had to delay eating cake. I had to explain to him that this is nothing to do with the cake as we haven't eaten it yet!!

    We bought a Mrs Crimble cake mix and it it good! I might consider doing GF baking.

    What are you excluding and is it working for you?


  • Hi. I agree with all the other comments here. Take one step at a time. For me cutting out wheat has made a huge difference. Because of this I have decided not to go totally GF although on the whole I am having a lot less gluten. I have 100% rye bread but not all this time - I might buy a nice loaf every other week. Either no pasta or GF pasta, for carbs I go for rice or potatoes instead. A good aim is to have lots more vegetables which provide good nutrients for endo and life in general.

    I have reduced dairy - no milk in tea or coffee for 10 years, but I do still eat cheese, not in huge amounts but my goal this year is to make this an occasional item.

    After a while you will notice when the flare ups are worse after eating certain foods. You can then decide whether to eliminate or save them only for special treats, like a slice of birthday cake.

    Keep nuts, seeds and a few dried fruits always on hand for snacks, it will stop you from falling off the wagonand buying a muffin etc in a coffee shop!

  • yeah, what I want to know is what food flare up my pain. Reading what they said on the endo diet I gathered gluten, dairy were the big enemies and I am not so fond of red meat so I could add to my exclusion. I hope it works.

    I keep gluten and dairy free biscuits and chocolate, Sakata rice crackers in my work bag just in case:)

  • I understand what you mean about getting stressed out by it all. I have been reading as much as i can about what can help endo.

    The diet seems to work for some and not at all for others. There is so much that Endo is stopping me doing so you know what, I will not be feeling guilty for having the foods i like. Everything in moderation I say.

    I have decided to take it slowly and see if taking things out bit by bit help instead of cutting out EVERYTHING I like. I LOVE bread..so If i fancy toast for breakfast i will have it but make sure i dont have it again that day. I cut wheat out for over a mth and it didnt change anything for me. I like the wheat free crackers so have them instead of bread at lunch tim

  • A few months ago I thought I can't do this at all. It is too hard for me. However now I can't move even with strong paikillers and getting endo possibly in the chest and having really bad chest pain in December made me re-think. Well it took two months to get started but this is the only thing I can do. I won't be able to cut out all the things on the avoiding list so I chose only 3 things, gluten, dairy and red meat (well I don't eat red meat very much though). I'm trying to reduce sugar and soy.

    It won't last very long. I love bread very much. I will have total gluten free for at least for four weeks and see if I have less pain or not. I will think if I prefer to keep GF with less pain or start eating bread and manage pain or not. I will see...

    Well this happens if I last for 4 weeks with this endo diet!!!


  • It is difficult but try just one group at a time if thats easier. A word of warning about puddings - a lot have soya too. Restaurants are difficult cause you dont know ingredient list so its just a case of having an idea of what you'd eat safely at home. I make salads ( no dressing) or fruit salad if i am attending a group thing. Everyone is different but i eat asda gluten free cornflakes for breakfast or gf porridge. Lunch is a chicken sandwich in gf bread or chicken salad. Evening meal is fish or chicken with either rice, oven chips ( McCain 5% as no coating) gf pasta & veg / white sauce made with gf flour or tomato based sauce. Jacket pots are brill to for lunch or tea. One step at a time and often just concentrating on changing one meal at a time is more realistic than trying to change everything at once. Good luck x

  • Soya, I didn't decide exclude soya. It is on the avoiding list but in Japanese website it said eat in moderation as it balances estrogen level (if there are too much it will reduce it). So I decided to keep eating it. And I think if I need to put milk in my decaff coffee or tea I will put soya milk. I make sure that soya is not GM. My friends' husband is coeliac so she gave me a good advice on GF stuff but I need to have dairy free as well. I tried cheese sauce alternative today but it wasn't very nice. I had to put Tamari on my pasta...


  • If you are just cutting out wheat as opposed to all forms of gluten (which is what I do) you can eat oat bread or rye bread (but check the rye bread has no wheat, a lot do). I found cutting out wheat helped reduced my abdominal bloating and cramps. The biggest breakthrough for me with the diet was cutting out dairy, this had a HUGE impact on my pain levels. I have cut out coffee (but haven't been able to give up tea) and alcohol. I miss the coffee more than the alcohol. I gave up sugar for 6 weeks but honestly didn't notice a marked difference, so I've gone back to eating it but I'm careful not too eat too much. I haven't eaten meat for 25 years.

    In terms of going out it can be tricky. I will usually offer to take a dish if I'm invited to someone's for dinner but most of my friends have been very accommodating and try and make something I can eat. I also eat quite a bit of Japanese and I actually always carry a small bottle with some Tamari in it in my handbag so I can buy sushi rolls when I'm out as this is often the healthiest option when I'm out shopping, etc (otherwise the only other option is often hot chips). If you need to take food to a party or group gathering how about sushi rolls? These always seem to be popular.

    I would also suggest calling ahead when going out to a restaurant and explaining your dietary requirements and seeing if the restaurant can accommodate them. I've found most restaurants to be very helpful, they are getting more and more people coming in with special dietary requirements. If it's your birthday maybe you could bring a cake yourself to the restaurant. There are quite a few good packet mixes now for gluten free cakes. If you are on Facebook there are loads of both gluten free pages and vegan pages which can be helpful for tips on eating gluten and dairy free, where to buy products, restaurants, etc.

    Best of luck, it does seem daunting at the start and I know I spent the first few months obsessing about all the foods I could no longer eat but after 3 years on the diet I now find it generally not too difficult and I do believe it has made a difference to my pain levels and my energy levels.

  • Do you have no coffee at all? you don't even drink decaff coffee? Is it caffeine causing pain? I am trying total GF to start with so far. I don't drink alcohol at all. Well I can't, even a drop make me feel drunk. I haven't cut out sugar but trying to reduce. I don't have white sugar in the house, only organic/brown one. I don't put sugar in the drink anyway.

    I am proud of that Japanese food is saving GF diet!. Sushi! Why didn't I think about it. I will take some Sushi to the party! Thanks voluptuosvegan! I will get my sushi mat out! Yes, I will take my Tamari with me:)

  • Hi Shukudai - nope no coffee, not even decaf (mainly because if I drank the decaf it would only make me want the real stuff!). I saw a Chinese Doctor for about 18 months and he said coffee is really bad for endo but tea was ok. A lot of his advice was really good. He recommended that in the few days leading up to my period that I should eat soups as my main meals, as I have endo on my bowel and going to the bathroom in the lead up to my period can be excruciating. Eating more of a liquid diet really helps at this time. One of the first things he said to me was that dairy was my body's enemy, that it really aggravates endo and since giving up dairy the cramps that I used to experience, (that were so bad that my husband would want to call an ambulance), have lessened very significantly.

    And yes sushi is excellent! I find it's always popular and if you take it to a party no one even thinks about the fact that it is gluten free, it's just yummy. Glad to have helped with this suggestion. :)

  • I can't taste any difference between decaf and real coffee! Lucky me:) My husband drinks lovely flavoured coffee sometimes and I just go and sniff his as I know if I drinks it it will make me sick after taking that much caffeine.

    It is coffee not caffeine your Chinese Doctor is saying that is bad for endo as tea has a little bit caffeine in it. Endo diet page said drink green tea even though it has a bit of caffeine. I can manage drinking green tea. I probably drink a lot of green tea to compensate all the hot drinks I used to have with milk.

    I have terrible pain in my bowel leading up to my period and at the end of period. It suddenly comes and such a sharp pain. I sometimes nearly faint with it. It actually blank my vision a few seconds with pain. I have a lot of adhesion in my bowel and endo on my PoD.

    I think I will get a sushi mat out and I will make some rolls of sushi of Prawn mayo(gluten free) with salad, egg+cucumber+boild shiitake in sweet tamari. I think I might buy a GF cake from shop or cake mix as I haven't bake GF cake before yet. Oh I am getting hungry now...


  • Why don't you have the endo removed surgicaly or with the Depro Lupron shots. I have it on my bowel as well, not so much pain but BLOATING is bad right after dairy or alchohol. My dr. is recommending 6 Depro shots. I wouldn't mind trying this diet first. Ive researched the shots to shrink endo because my ultrasound showed the lining of my uteris is thickening again. 4 yrs AFTER I had an oblation. They say surgery would be VERY involved and possible pea bag if they have to disconnect a piece of your bowel. Very uncertain what to do... Just wondering why you don't have it removed?

  • Im not is SEVERE pain, just lots of big time bloating and feels like cramps like starting a period. Only Im 54 and since the oblation I had , I have had no bleeding. However, she said the uteris lining should NOT be thickening back up again. Biopsy 3 yrs ago showed no cancer but I have state 4 Endo. HelP??? Maybe I don't need the Lupron shots or the surgery. I don't want to wear a pee bag outside my stomach if theh remove a piece of small intestine. Mine is everywhere....

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