Anyone ever tried Leech therapy or Chinese Herbal Medicines for Endo pain and symptom relief?????

Hi all,

I would really love to find alternatives to hormone drugs!

I saw an article in the Daily Mail today about how leeches can suck away aches and pains and wondered if any ladies on this forum had ever tried them and if so, what did they think? I would guess it is quite expensive to have done though and would have to be done a regular intervals? Does anyone know if the NHS offer it (I doubt it)?

I found this website with info about leech therapy (Hirudotherapy)!hirudotherap...

I have also found a website for Chinese Herbal Medicine and the treatment of Endo; has anyone tried this???

Would be really interested in feedback, thoughts and / or experiences please!



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  • Hi Bokkie, have just read the article. Right at the bottom it lists a number of disorders the leeches should not treat, one of them being pregnancy and menstruation. So, no, I don't think you should use the leeches.

    Am going to look at the other article now!

    My opinion of them herbs is - don't take them without discussing with your doctors, there's a hefty list of side effects. I think you would have to have your bloods monitered quite regularly.

    Sorry to be such a poop! x

  • Hi sk291,

    No, you are not being a poop! Any sort of feedback is appreciated. Thanks. I did notice the bit in the article that said leeches can't be used for menstruation problems yet it also says they are beneficial for Endo! You don't get one without the other so that's a contradiction in terms I think! Do you think it means they cannot be used during menstruation??? Thanks for the info on herbs; I know absolutely nothing about the use of herbs and would definitely seek a doctor's advice before I used them but if anyone has used them already and can make suggestions I would appreciate it. XX

  • Hi again, all I can tell you is I had my daughter treated with chinese herbs for eczema when she was about 5. Didn't like the idea of long term steroid applications on very young skin. Worked a treat and no more skin issues until GCSE years. By then she had her own ideas and I became stupid, you know the type! x

  • Just a thought, have you tried a TENS machine to help with pain control?

  • Have just had a look on-line. There's a plastic surgeon in Manchester uses them when attaching limbs or following accidents. Leeches I mean. I'm not sure where you would put them for endo pain, it's internal.I bet the Victorians used them for lady vapours though!

    And them herbs??? I am stupid!

  • Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean about when you become stupid; been there twice already and currently I am stupid quite a lot these days for a third time according to my 12 year old! LOL! Yes, I am thinking of trying a TENS machine. The last time I used one was during my 1st labour! One of the other ladies on this forum has recently bought one and was planning to use it this weekend just gone. I waiting to hear how she got on with it. I think that maybe they put the leeches on your tummy???? It would be really interesting to get a reply from someone who has used them, but nothing so far..... : ( Will definitely ask the doctor about Chinese Herbs the next time I go, although I can't see a GP encouraging alternative medicines! I think in centuries past, leeches were the way to go though!!! x

  • I used the TENS a lot and managed to reduce my painkillers quite significantly. If you do get one get the one with four patches. Then you can either have them all over your abdomen or two on abdomen and two on back, depending where the pain is. Some GP surgeries have them and you can try before you buy! And I kept mine on all the time when the pain was severe.

  • Thanks! I will definitely look into the TENS and ask my doctors if they have one too. Bed and hot water bottle for now though!

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