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Last month I had a lap to remove endo in bladder and ovaries and this month I still got blood in urine while on period. Has it come back?

I started having blood in urine while on my period some months ago, when the endo symptoms started becoming worse. Last month I had a lap and two endometriomas <3cm were removed, as well as some endo in my bladder. Now I got my period, but there is still blood in my urine. Does this mean that the endo is still there?

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Hi margen,

I'm the same, have endo in my bladder, and have blood in my urine for a few days before period and whilst on period. I had a lap in Jan, but was mainly diagnostic I'm seeing my consultant again tomorrow, so hopefully will have an action plan. The main issue for us is to have a baby. I'm not sure what sort of treatment you've actually had i.e laser or excision but I've done a lot of reading about bladder endo and as far as I'm aware and my urology consultant said the same...endo in bladder needs to be surgically removed, where they remove endo and effected bladder wall, it's a big op! It's called partial cystectomy. That is the only way (not 100% tho) we'll be rid of it. I hope you feel better soon, and it's actually nice to talk to someone who has the exact same symptoms as me. Much love xxx


Hi, Joey, thanks for your response.

I don't have any blood in my urine when I am not on my period, and it's not every time I pee (sorry for TMI). I only realized that it may actually be blood in the urine after the lap, when I was told that they found endo in the bladder, which they supposedly removed and excised. I am not sure that this is normal, I will be seeing my consultant in a week, so I will let him know. Our issue is also to have a baby. I had a miscarriage last April and they told me that it may have done things worse for my endo, as I didn't really have any symptoms before that. Please let me know what your consultant has advised. Good luck and I hope that everything goes well for both of us. Xx


Your lap was only a month ago. Everything is still healing for at least 3 to 4 months.

Don't be worrying yourself it's way too early though I know that's easy for me to say.

Seriously it sud get better


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