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HELP.....Am I ment to feel like this after my 2nd lap!!!

I had my 2nd Lap in January 2014 to remove endometriosis, desperate bowl from womb and to look into my bladder. Still have serve cramps in my lower abdomen, Sharp stabbing back pain, feeling sick that I can't eat or drink, tired, sore bones and no energy. Is this normal to be feeling like this? Or should I not be feel better and stronger each day!

Has anyone else felt like this? What should I do as I can't get into doctors until the end of the week and fed up suffering, can't take any more pain etc. So depressed, :(

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Hi I'm still recovering from my op and I've had all of this. The sick feeling I think might come from having painkillers without a proper meal. Although I've felt sick all day today from when I woke up but generally coke or something sweet or herbal teas like peppermint and camoile help for a short time. If I feel sick I'm not eating properly and then I feel more tired. The anesthetic can also muck you up and after my lap I went to my doctors and started on antidepressant I was surprised how common feeling depressed after an op is. But I promise you it is very common. If you can manage till you can get to the doctor then explain exactly how you feel. If you need help sooner then don't wait there's always nhs direct if you want advise before then.

It took me a good 2 weeks to feel better after a diagnostic lap but if you had work done then you should expect longer. I've just had next op of laparotomy to remove tubes cut away adhessions and endo and 9 weeks later still having pain and the sickness comes and goes. I really hope you start feeling better Doon and keep up with the painrelief, I reduced mine yesterday but today feeling worse so wish I hadn't!! X


Hi lillyflower, thank you for your kind thoughts and words of advice. Poor you is having a painful time too, it's awful the amount of pain and suffering endo suffers have to go through, nobody really understand only those who are suffering it. Going into doctors tomorrow, hopefully she can give me a bit of support and words of advice. Hope your feeling better soon and take care x


Hi ya, i feel for you feeling so down and in pain still. i have had similar symptoms. i had my 2nd lap mid november and have had 7 bouts of thrush, abdominal pain, 2 really painful periods and really cant think about sexual intercourse, it just hurts way too much. i think sometimes i have bladder problems too but cant work out weather its just the whole area.

Ive started to exercise gently, which to be honest has made me feel much better.but sometimes think it brings on an achy underneath, if you know what i mean. sometimes i have to put a hotwater bottle in between my legs to try and make it comfortable. ive come off the codine and paracetomol as i found it made me feel a bit sick...

not sure if this is normal or just that some people take a while to adjust and also, althought they are small incisions they have actually prodded and done quite drastic things down there, and your body needs time to adjust..... Im giving it 1 more month to settle down, if not im taking myself back to the consultant.

Sorry not much help or guidance, but thought i would just share my experience with yours...

I hope you feel better soon.


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