Surgery making endo worse?

I had a laparoscopy in december and since then I have had a lot of problems with my ovaries, specifically my right one. It often feels as if its swelling and about to explode and there's also the tearing pain. I can only describe it as if my ovary is joined to a ligament in my leg and is being tugged on so hard its going to tear when I walk, and it also feels as if its joined on the other side and is being stretched. It also feels as if its being stretched when I lay down. When I had my surgery I had no adhesions. What is this and is it possible surgery has made my endo worse? Please help. Thanks in advance!

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  • I dont really have an answer for you but I have been suffering and wondering the same thing!

  • I had my laparosocopy in Dec, my 1st period was horrific, very painful & heavy. But the pains you are experiencing on a daily basis seem really bad. I would suggest going back to your GP & them writting to your Gynaecologist or calling their secretary to get an appointment if you haven't been discharged, please explain all of thos symptoms to them. I'm sorry I can't help! Hope the pain goes away for you!

  • I had no symptoms of endo until I had a laparosocopy. After that my periods were a nightmare so I wouldn't rule it out!

  • I don't have any factual information for you about why your pain is worse after the surgery but mine is too so perhaps there is some link? My GP says they didn't find much endo so it can't possibly be that but it seems strange to me.

  • This is so frustrating. I can't seem to find any evidence of it online, but I'll keep searching. I'm not the only one this has happened to, so there must be something out there. I've got a Drs appointment tomorrow and I'll demand to get some answers. I think its no coincidence that my pain is now worse than ever post surgery.

  • Ladies, after much scouring of the internet I seem to have found something.

    There is a brief piece on WebMD about surgical adhesions as well, but this one seems more thorough. However I'm not sure if this could have affected my ovary, I shall have to speak to the doctor about that tomorrow and I'll let you all know what they say.

  • I know what you mean, I have a similar thing. I don't know how best to describe it but ever since my op I get a sort of twinge where the scars are, and sometimes where my ovaries are. And it hurts if I cough or something. My doctor said surgery can sometimes cause more pain, because the endometriosis can then gather where the surgical scars are inside you! Maybe this is the case. Depending how bad the pain is maybe you could go to your GP again. Hope you feel better. X

  • Hi, I did suffer worse pains after my lap every month seemed to get worse to the point I can't remember the last day when I didn't have pain. As it was only diagnostic and they didn't do anything I just put it down to maybe it would have got worse anyway even without the lap. Anyway I then had a laparotomy and should now be feeling much better but I'm still on painkillers and the leg/ hip pain seems worse! Im due a follow up on Thursday so hopefully I'll get some answers. This may sound strange but after reading this I had to comment as since my last surgery I can feel a tight line from my belly button to my scar in bikini line which feels so tight when I lay down or stretch I feel like it's going to tear! So I know what you mean. Before op if I pressed on my ovarrie I'd get pain down opposite leg and they felt connected. I was told I had a lot of adhessions which have now been cut away and haven't felt that same link so I've assumed this was scar tissue but I am only guessing. I hope you get some answers from your Dr. Xx

  • I am sorry to hear about your awful pain and hope you get to go back and speak to your gynaecologist about this.

    I have been getting awful pain on my ovaries...I am seriously thinking about asking about getting them out as no doubt they will want to do another laparoscopy again (I had endo tissue lasered away in May 2012). I am 40 and do not want children and think that even if I get endo back after the operation, at least hopefully the ovary pain will have disappeared. My GP thinks the endo tissue is on my ribs in my back - I find it amazing that the tissue can end up anywhere in your body.

  • Doctor seemed disinterested in my pain and basically said its probably just my body healing. We'll see. Thoroughly dissatisfied with the whole thing.

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