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Do you need ultrasound before EVERY lap if already diagnosed with endo?

Hello, hope everyone is ok. Sorry, this is my 3rd question with a week!

I had Lap last Apr with endo diagnosed and removed. At 4 months hospital review, I advised my symptoms are returning and they said I could have another Lap when I feel the pain is getting too much. Getting too bad now so seeing GP next week to get ball rolling but would GP send me for another ultrasound first, like with my first Lap? Do you have to have a scan before every Lap?

(I'm asking cos the transvaginal ultrasound was extremely painful due to location of endo. And worrying about being ages to the Lap -my fault cos I've left it too long lol).

Thanks for any replies, Sara xx

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I'm not certain, but I think the ultrasound scan is more to check for other conditions that can cause problems. I guess it's very important: they wouldn't want to start a lap and discover something else that needs a completely different treatment. The last 2 ultrasound scans I had they asked if I was okay with the transvaginal, which I was: they wanted to do it in my case as one of my ovaries is hard to see otherwise - and more recently, for me, the scan has been about checking the ovaries.


I was told although they cannot see endo on an ultrasound it can sometimes give the surgeon an idea of what they are going into.


Hi GrittyReads and classiebird! Thanks for your replies.

Makes sense what you say - even though they know I have endo, they don't want to start a lap and then find a large cyst for example, that they need to remove via a larger op. My ovaries are hard to find too GrittyReads so I'm dreading the transvaginal as it was so painful last time. I'll dose myself up on painkillers before I go! Thanks again for your help. Sara xx


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