In agonising pain the past month, 7weeks til gynae appointment and fed up of feeling awful!

First went to gp with severe abdominal pains and heavy periods at just 14 years old, both of my nans died of ovarian cancer so was scanned and told all normal. Have suffered ever since and last year was diagnosed with IBS, recently pain has become a lot worse, unbearable even. Finally after years I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, I am currently on tramadol for the pain as it's the only thing that works for me. I now having to wait 6weeks to see gynae for next steps, has anyone else had to wait this long and have any advice on pain management and what to ask gynae to do for me? Thanks :)

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  • Sorry to hear about your nans, and your having a hard time. Endometriosis do local support groups and have specialists doing talks now and again on pain management check out Facebook Endometriosis UK. Also ask your GP for referral to pain management nurse/group.

    It took me 15 years to get diagnosed with IBS and endometriosis. Tramadol no longer works for me as took for such a long time I became 'immune' to it. So be mindful of this to only use when absolute neccessary.

    Start NOW to Keep a diary of your periods days on/flow etc and when your pain peaks and score i.e 1-10 on pain.( I worked out mine is worse first 2 days i'm bedridden) EVIDENCE IS KEY TO THIER EARS PRICKING UP!!!!

    No simple way of pain reduction, hot water bottle, hot bath, massager, healthy eating and exercise. IBS is commonly found along side Endometriosis, and if your constipated it seems to press on the Endometriosis and is excruciating. Apricots dried, or prune juice helps me go, Buscopan tablets for cramps but check with pharmacist first before taking. Work out with food diary what sets your IBS off. Mine is roasted veg, onions white bread fatty food, but everyone is different. As for waiting time depends on your area, hope I have covered everything, sorry to rabbit on just trying to help.

  • I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I would say six weeks is the average waiting time to see the specialist. When I had endometriosis back in 2012 (I was undiagnosed for 5 years, and sorry to hear that you seem to have been undiagnosed even longer than that). I found that a hot water bottle provided some relief alongside the painkillers.

    Great advice below from missclause 1. I am finding exercise is helping (when I am feeling up to it) and have been seeking out information to help on the diet front, especially foods that are a natural anti-pain relief and anti-inflammatory e.g. onions, garlic. I do not have wheat and dairy in my diet (and no meat out of choice), which helps me.

    It looks I am facing my second endo spell and have had a really rough time since beginning of Dec, but thankfully managing well on the Iboprufen. Hope all goes well for you.

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