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Well - its been a week today since i first experienced being pain free from the endo!! First time in many many years and it feels weird. I thought something was wrong as when going to the toilet i felt numb until a nurse explained that that is what it feels like to be normal and not have constant pain :)

Had a horrible time over New Year - thought it was the fact i had over done it with Xmas and getting back to exercise but it seems the Triptorelin causes a "flare" of hormones whislt your body purges all your natural hormones which caused me such pain and horrible symptoms including chest pains, sickness, bleeding, headache, bone ache, collapsed twice on NYE (not from alcohol, if only!!). Last time i'd collapsed was back in Aug when i ended up in A & E and was the start of people listening to me after ignoring my years of pain. No one told me what to expect with the jab - since i had surgery i was left to get on with things on my own, appalled by lack of care at the hospital. Hospital still cant find my notes 7 weeks later and no one seems bothered by it. Luckily with this forum and others on Facebook ive ended up with some helpful advice.

Am on monthly Triptorelin jabs for 6 months with daily Tibilone tablets and had the mirena coil inserted during surgery so who knows what the future holds. I know i will have to have surgery to remove endo from my bowel at some point but i guess for the next few months i can enjoy some pain free days at least.

Much love and hugs to all you lovely ladies and hope many of you get relief from your pain xx

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  • Hi Crawfie

    Had my second GnRH (I'm prescribed Prostap/Leuprorelin) on Friday - so happy I jumped up on the couch to have the 2nd injection. First month I had 4, almost 5, completely painfree days for the first time in 2.5 years!! However just like you - nobody advised of the severe Endometriosis flare up the first week after the first injection. Have you had another flare-up after your second injection?

    I am lucky, have changed to a new GP who seem to be more prepared to check things out and to investigate but the local Gynea dept is very much hit & miss - again I have had to press on to get further treatment and stay on the books. Left totally on my own after my first diagnostic lap almost 2 years ago - at the 8 week check-up the gynea hadn't read my file.. however was persuaded to insert the Mirena which made things slightly better. Still not enough to combat the daily inflammation, fatigue and pain so I AM SO HAPPY to finally found something that has helped!! Long may it last... Keep us posted to how you are doing. xx

  • Hi - First injection was fine but a week after the 2nd one was when i had all the problems and it was only last week that the pain eased. 8 weeks today i was in surgery.

    All ok with the Mirena - wasnt looking forward to that as i had it years ago and suffered horribly with it and had to have it removed after 2 weeks but all good so far this time.

    Worked it out the other day that ive been suffering with endo and being fobbed off and ignored for about 13yrs!!

    Last week was the first time ive slept through the night. Even the simple things like sitting down without pains shooting up inside is heaven.

    How are you doing? xx

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