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hello im new to site, was diagnosed severe stage endo 4 in oct, hysterectomy not an option as to bad,

i have been on jag to induce menopause for just under 3 months,not sure if its endo spreading, jag or surgery but I am in more pain than ever, can barely walk and basically housebound, still not back at work. the pain is all lower back, in hollow of spine and also tailbone, on loads of painkillers which dont touch it and now getting blood spotting in back passage which is scary, seen gyne last week and they want to keep me on jag for 2 years which they say is going to cause bone thinning and possible pain, they want to start me on HRT which will allow endo to continue to spread and its everywhere in my pelvis. Also when I was in hospital a doc said that endo can affect hormone levels which can affect blood pressure, mines is low which lowers immune system and had mini stroke a few years ago which she thought was linked, also had what they thought was severe muscle pain or clot in my leg early last year for no apparent reason and now being told my endo can spread anywhere and was prob that. I have been ill on and off for the last 5 years, chest infections that last for months, most recently urosepsis that nearly killed me and lost a baby, now being told likely all caused by endo, im frustrated and scared, dont know what treatment to take. can anyone offer advice, has anyone else been affected by this extreme pain in lower back, its constant, gets worse with basic movement and docs dont seem to have a clue.

any help or advice would be appreciated

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So sorry to here how u are suffering so much. Haven't got any advice I'm sure some one will reply wiv some good advice for u. I hope n pray that you will get some ease very very soon. Take care


thank you, hope your well x


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