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Pelvic pressure and pain when urinating caused by cyst

Does anybody get this? I find it's worse in the morning and night, It doesn't sting but is more like a deep cramp across my pelvis. I have a hemorragic cyst which us about 5cm and wonder whether this could be causing it? The pain only started around the time the cyst was discovered and started to cause me problems.

I've been checked for infections and recently had a lap for endo. The doc left the cyst as he didn't see it a problem.

Btw happy new year! (-:

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I have this. I started to notice it just before I had my lap in November but it's still there. I'm not sure what causes it, as I had my cyst removed and there was no mention of any endo on my bladder.

Someone did suggesr to me that it could be caused by my bladder pushed my uterus out of the way when it's full, then everything moving back when I empty it. This made sense to me as I know I have endo on my uterosacral ligaments so presumably movement could cause this sensation.

Like you, I wouldn't call it pain, more like a dull ache or cramping pain. I've been waking up early in the morning because a full bladder seems to make it worse and then it stays for a few minutes after I've been. It's more of an annoyance really. I've also been checked for infections and all they've ever found was a bit of blood in my urine, but no infection.

Happy New Year to you to hun! :-)

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