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Painful periods from scar endometriosis, pain when coughing, sneezing, anything related to using tummy muscles. Can anyone relate?!

I've been told I have endometriosis related to my c-section scar, my periods are extremely painful, it hurts to even move I'm literally doubled up in pain for a week, I have a lump on my left side just above my scar that swells up during my period, had this for two years now and after being fobbed off by docs I am finally starting to get some answers, it's been so difficult, anyone who has had or has the same problem or knows any info would be great to hear from you, many thanks x

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Hi I can relate to this. I am currently in the middle of an episode. It's like all the muscles in my tummy/back go into spasm at the slightest movement and the pain actually makes me cry out loud. Then once I have gone into spasm I am laid up for days on end and any movement hurts. I have been thoroughly investigated for a muscular/spinal problem and it isn't. Besides which, my pain is cyclical and we now know is gynae but you have my sympathy with this.


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