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potential mis-diagnosis

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS via ultrasound and lack of periods.

I'm now 18 and started getting facial hair. I went to the doctor and she wouldn't refer me to a gynaecologist as she said I need to have abnormal hormone levels.

How can I be told I've got it, and be visible on ultrasound, but now be told I have to have abnormal hormones?!

I've just come to terms with the condition, and I'm terrified of needles and booked for a blood test tomorrow....is this right about having to have abnormal hormones?

Is there any possibility that I have been misdiagnosed with PCOS instead of endometriosis?!

Thanks in advance!!

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It's very possible that you can have both PCOS and Endo.

I have had both for over 20 years.

Best wishes


You cannot be diagnosed with endo unless you have surgery to see it. PCOS is quite a different issue. It is caused by abnormal hormones, and facial hair is certainly one of the side effects of having PCOs- that is normal for PCOS.

The abnormal hormone levels are already there with PCOs and that is what causes cysts to develop and periods to be erratic and you tend not to have enough female hormone levels when you need them and the male hormone levels come out stronger which causes weight gain and facial hair and period issues etc.

You can be given hormone pills to try and redress the balance so that you are on an even keel of the male and female ones.

This has nothing to do with endometriosis. Some ladies do have both PCOs and endo, but most do not. They have one or the other.

If you have no symptoms of endometriosis- and your description doesn't include a single one, then I very much doubt you have endometriosis and really you should be reading up on PCOs and the various treatment options for PCOs so that when you do discuss this with a GP or Gynaecologist you know what they are taking about and you know what they are talking about too.

Just a simple google of PCOs would have told you that facial hair is a normal reaction to having PCOs..it is absolutely not the normal reaction to endo- which is about having an excess of oestrogen the female hormone.

When endo patients have their ovaries removed or are taking drugs to stop the oestrogen then they cause the male hormones to be more prominent and that can cause facial hair..but that is from the treatments for endo- and not the endo itself.

I don't think you have been misdiagnosed at all- I think you probably have the correct diagnosis with PCOs. Thye symptoms you mention are all known to be PCOs ones.


I have endometriosis and pcos and adenomyosis

ive had both for ........ 9 years


Hi.i have both endo and pcos.facial hair and unwanted hair is defo a symptom of pcos


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