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Lap in 9 weeks should I stop taking the pill? Any advice would be much appreciated

Hi ladies wishing you all a pain free day :-) I have finally been booked in for a diagnostic lap after being given a cancelation appointment with a new gyny for a second opinion. I am on the combined pill and have been for two years but I'm wondering if I should stop taking for now as I've heard it can make it more difficult to spot any endo. Do any of you know if this is true? X

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Hi, That's good to hear you got a second opinion rather than being fobbed off!

I'm in the same situation. I have a lap booked for end of January and I'm worried that the pill will cover things up. Although the pill has alleviated a lot of my pain I'm unable to take it back to back as they suggested. The pain is still there about a week before my pill free week and I know there is something that's not quite right.

Has anyone else stopped taking the bill beforehand? I feel that the consultant would obviously not advise it btu if I can put up with the pain for a few weeks it may be worth doing. x


Hi, On the combined pill you have a higher risk of dvt, but that increases even more for any lap that is over a hour so it is definatly worth asking as if you have a dvt you will not be allowed to go back on the combined pill.


Have you had your pre-op? If not this is when they advise you about your pill or you can ask if you should stop taking it. I have been on microgynon pill for years and it most certainly didnt hide the endo. Last week they found i have stage 4 severe endo. If its there they will see it. Try not to worry.x


I stayed on my pill for diagnostic lap and it didn't hide it. Going in for endo resection tmrw and still on my pill. Dey give u socks to prevent dvt and measure ur calves before hand so can tell if you get swelling which would indicate a dvt.

U'll only end up in agony if u stop ur pill, from experience


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