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Hi everyone I've have had endo and CFS for 24 years and a change to my diet has really helped with my symptoms

I would urge you all to look at serrapeptase.info and look on the left hand side for endometriosis, I have only been following the protocol for 2 weeks and within 1 week I have no pain, for me this is unheard of. It also means cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar from our diet, but fortunately the gluten free section in supermarkets are pretty clued up nowadays. I tested myself one day last week and had a slice of bread, within 2 hours my stomach felt as though it was on fire, so I now know not to touch it again. (This enzyme seems to help with so many conditions you'll find it good reading I hope)

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Thanks for this positive report - I too have had endo and Cfs/ME a very long time and have been taking Serapeptase for about 3 weeks,under treatment of a Medicinal Herbalist.I am still in pain,but the cyst which was very large on lhs is shrinking,so I can now get my jeans on,unlike last week.I have aso been gluten and dairy free for many years and was told to cut out sugar and generally stick to the endo diet. Are you on no hormonal treatments as all and just taking the serapeptase? I was taken off the Depo provera and within a week was in such agaony my GP nearly had me admitted to hospital.As Gynae has said that next time I have the same( usually the cyst bursts) it would be a total hysterectomy,I was totally desperate and so am so relieved that I believe the serapeptase is shrinking the cyst and lessening the pain.Perhaps you would like to PM me since we have 2 conditions in common?