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I'm sorry if this is too much TMI but I'm not too clued up on Endo. But for the past 6weeks i have had constant pain in my lower abdomen and

Lower back (only on occasion with my back) its been dreadful. On Friday i was diagnosed with Endo. Before this almost 2weeks ago i had my first lap, to remove a large cyst on my left Overy and scarring tissue on my fallopian tubes. Any way i was pleased to find that for once i had little pain this weekend and coped amazingly well.. Tonight my (what i presume is) Endo pain has come with a bang and im in agony but it has started to move down into my vagina area, is this still endometriosis or could this be something completely different? I'm quite confused at the moment. And in absolute loads of pain even after 3 dihydrocodine and 3 paracetamol and still not working yet... Please help

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Sorry to hear your in so much pain. If you've just been diagnosed I would recommend asking as many questions as you can to your consultant. I didn't know a great deal about it until this year when it really started disturbing my day to day life and i started looking for advice. The endometriosis uk website offers loads of information as well as this forum and I found attending a support group in my local area so much help to just talk to people who knew how I felt.

My pain does go that low on occasion too. I take tramadol and use a wheat bag/hot water bottle to take the pain off, your consultant or gp can help find the best pain relief. Look into the endo diet as well, this helped my pain so much but didn't suit me for other reasons. Loads of women find it really helpful but we are all individual so it's finding what's right for you.

Hope your pain has eased a bit and your feeling better x


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