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5 months of Zoladex and still pain!

Hi ladies, I know there are a lot of you out there who have found great relief of pain from injections such as Zoladex. But I have stuck it out for 5 months of hell with terrible side effects with assurance from my gyno that if I stick it out it will definitely help in the long run. Well my pain is just getting worse! I'm really worried that this hasn't helped me. Yes it stopped my periods, but my problem wasn't ever too much bleeding or just period pain. It was pain also outside the bleed time.

Is there anyone else out there who has not had relief from their symptoms on Zoladex? My pain seems to have got worse with spotting for 2 days and the flare ups are always at the same time within the zoladex cycle. I'm in terrible pain and worried that it have grown moreso and spread. Any advise as to where I go from here? What is the next best treatment that brings relief after zoladex? I'm seeing my gyno today to ask him to do an examination of my ovaries because they are killing me!

PS. I don't want to discourage those of you who are starting the injections. To some ladies it has definitely stopped their pain.

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I was on it for 6 mths & still was in pain. I'm now under the pain clinic & had a MRI last wk to look for nerve damage. This maybe an option for you. Good luck today


zoladex does not treat endometriosis, it does suppress ovarian function but it is common to get break thru pain. No medication treats endometriosis.


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