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coil vs zoladex

So I saw my GP yesterday who is lovely and very sympathetic. I told her I am not continuing with my zoladex injections after only having one I can't even attempt another month like this last one :(. She understood and obviously I will discuss this with my gynae next time I see him in about 3 weeks but she thinks I should opt for the coil to ease the pain and bleeding. I told her about bad experiences that I have read about and she seemed surprised to hear about them and definitely thinks that that is the best option. She doesn't even think another lap will help because endo can be missed.

So what I hadn't realised is the only time you will ever be free of it is after a natural menopause :( what a depressing thought!!!!

Anyway, my question is, are there many out there who have had the coil and any success and do you think it's worth a go. I can't bear the thought of any more treatment that will make me feel as horrible as the zoladex has...would rather live with the pain.

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Yes. I'm on my second coil, wouldn't be without it. It hasn't done much for my pain, but the bleeding has practically completely stopped.

The reason you read so many negative stories is because people are quick to complain but generally don't report good situations.

Have it put in. It'll take a while to settle - my first one took about 6 months - so you have to give it time, but if you really don't think you can persevere with it they can easily whip it out.


I have recently had my second zoladex injection without hrt. After i had the first i had horrendous side effects and the pain was much worse. I too said i wouldnt have the second and spoke to my gp and nurse and gp told me to give it a chance to work and try the second but not have the third if it didnt help. I was very reluctant to have the second but thought i would try and i must say i have gone from having pain every day after the first injection and need to take pain killers up to 5 times a day to i am now 14 days after second injection and about a week ago my pain started to ease most days i am only taking pain killers once. I have also been following endo diet for about 5 weeks now as well as no carbs for 7 weeks to lose weight. i am having hot flushes but i can deal with that i think - saves money on heating. lol. As for the mirena i have never had it - it was first suggested to me about 4 years ago before i had my ablation and i refused it and then again 2+ months ago when i saw gynea i still refused it as ive heard two many stories im sure it works for some people but its not for me. Also you need to take into account the mirena can take months to settle in and can make bleeding worse before it gets better. but different things work for different people so everyone has a different story to tell and experience. I just need to hope ive lost enough weight for my gynea to give me a date for my hysterectomy when is see her on the 4th (ive gone from 14stone 4 1/2 to 12 stone 12 so far)Fingers crossed. I wish you well

Just wanted to add that i had a three month course of zoladex about 4 1/2 years ago with hrt that time and i dont remember having any pain or side effects just remember being period and pain free. So perhaps each time is different not just each person


I had my 1st coil fitted nearly 4 months ago and I've been bleeding more often than not but I'm prepared to give it the full 6 months as I feel it will be worth if it does work because all other options are running out. The side effects are minimal for me but the bleeding and spotting is a nuisance (I've only had about 10 free days in the 4 months!).

My next step would be hysterectomy but research shows even that might not work.

My endo is on my bladder and I'm having a bad day today with tiredness and some pain but my pain is no where near as bad as it was and I haven't been feeling quite so ill as I was. I think others with endo will appreciate what I mean by 'ill' cos that's how it makes me feel. Difficult to explain to others who have 'normal' periods.


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