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Symptoms of a chocolate cyst!!!

Hi all, so I had a lap in July last year and have my 2nd scheduled for 2 weeks time- however in the last couple of days my stomach has become even more painful to touch when going for a wee and even when walking I feel a firm pressure in my lower stomach!

Last time I had the op he mentioned chocolate cysts but I can't really remember what he said! I can't help but think there is something above the endo going on down there and thought could it be this?!?

Has anyone experienced had any issues with chocolate cysts or had the same symptoms as me that can shed some light!!

Thank you xxxxxx

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HI Curlycarlz,

I know its difficult but try not to get yourself into too much of an anxious a place with this. If the doctors are doing another lap they are aware that something is causing your tummy an issue and that is a good thing, much better than not being heard. I had two big chocolate cysts covering my ovaries completely and they managed to remove them. It is good that you are having a lap because it means they are on to the fact you are suffering with pain. Ask the doctors to keep a note of what they say to you post op so you can remember. The NHS is so pushed at the moment, that the more questions you ask, the better, and/or write some questions down on some notepaper and have to hand when the doctors come and see you post operatively as you will be woozy from anesthetic and not thinking straight. Arm yourself with positive thoughts and write down all your worries prior and that will help you get through it.

Wishing you all the best for your op, and calm thoughts.

Natalie x


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