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Advice needed please - laparoscopy scheduled for this Friday. Hospital have now delayed it for another 3 weeks which I can't do. What to do?

Hi everyone, (apologies for cross-posting - I wasn't sure if this should be a question or a post)

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice? I had a laparoscopy scheduled for this Friday. I had a letter from the hospital on Friday saying they want to move this back by 3 weeks it for the 12th December. I can't reschedule as I have a new job starting and they have delayed my start date specifically to give me time to have the operation and recuperate (they won't give me more time).

I've spoken to the waiting list manager who is going to speak to the consultant and see it there's anything they can do but she can't guarantee when she'll be able to get hold of him and also doesn't think it's likely. I've also spoken to PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service) who are going to speak to the waiting list manager too... But I don't really know what to do.

Anyone have any experience of this? Or know anything else I can try?

I feel like my options at the moment are to lose the operation or the job.


ps: I have already cried on the phone to them and it doesn't seem to help!

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Could you contact your GP and ask them to contact the hospital as well?


I had this too. I called them up and explained I couldn't wait any longer it had already been put back once. They said no then I started crying and next thing I knew there was a slot I could have. Don't take no for an answer!! Xx


I had this too. They rang me and said they needed to postpone it and I simply replied 'no'!! I told them I'd organised my time

Off work etc and I felt so stressed about it anyway I burst into tears. Funnily enough, they managed to undertake the op on the planned date.......hmmmmm......


Thanks everyone. No progress yet. I'm going to call them again today and say that I'm willing to do anything to be in with a chance of getting the operation. I'll keep you updated...


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