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Is it worth getting private health insurance?

Hi everyone,

Today I was finally seen by a gynaecologist who believes I probably do have endometriosis & has referred me for a laparoscopy (I've only been in pain for 8 years!).

I was wondering though if anyone has had this (& subsequent treatments) done using private health insurance they either get through work or have organised themselves? I'm thinking that if this is the start of a potentially long & recurring process of various treatments/surgeries it might be worth getting some sorted but am not sure. They said it would be about 3 month before my appointment if I wait for the nhs (im in Oxfordshire).

Any opinions gratefully received!


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I have private medical insurance through work and it is AMAZING!!! The access to top specialists and quality of service can't be matched by the Nhs, I have had 3 ops and never waited more than 2 weeks from initial appointment to surgery date.

However you will need to act very fast if you want to get cover - if you have access to a work policy try that first as the terms are normally better and they will typically cover pre-existing conditions (ie. those already diagnosed), in comparison most policies you can take out on a personal basis won't let you claim in the first 3-12 months (depends on the policy) and either won't cover a pre-existing condition or will charge an excessive amount to cover it. If you need to look at personal policies, some insurance companies may not like the fact that you are taking a policy out after seeing a Gynae consultant as its very foreseeable that you will be making a claim as soon as you take the policy out, but its always worth phoning a few to enquire.


Hi, I dont have insurance but check the clauses as some will not cover chronic illness/condition or will give you a window of time eg a year. Also the big companies like bupa and axa have a list of consultants you have to use, so if you live in a rural area it might mean a very long drive especially after a lap. Also check the excess you will have to pay on top.

I personally have paid to go private as nhs would not refer me. But I don't really want the uk to turn into usa style health care. I have set up a bank account and pay in money that I would spend on an insurance policy. To help you work it out It cost me £130 for my appointments and the lap was £3000. Good luck :-) x


Hi, I agree it's worth it's weight in gold and have just taken a policy out for hubby. Down side will be you are probably going to be excluding many issues as endo does affect so many parts and most insurance companies will now not cover you. If you do find one then I suggest you post as I'm sure there are many ladies who would like cover if they could have it.


I am lucky enough to be on bupa. The treatment was second to none and I would never do it without. As the lady before said, if you are already diagnosed then they wont cover the endo, but if you can afford it I would recommend paying to have it done none nhs. My first op was nhs, I got bronchitis from the tubes, was very ill and treated appaullingly, my second was the opposite on Bupa! they checked on me all the time, my anaethetic was different as they actually listened to me etc..defo worth it x best of luck


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