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Mooncup - can anyone help please?

Hi - I have purchased a mooncup. This is the first time I am going to use one and have read the instructions but I wonder if anyone is currently using one and can pass on any tips. I understand that it needs a little bit of getting used to, just like tampons, but specifically does anyone have any tips on inserting it.

Thanks so much :0) xx

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Hi Merlion09,

I have been using one for years and would never change now - everything else just sounds uncomfy now! It does take a bit of getting used to, if you run it under warm water to soften it, pinch it between you fingers and kind of fold it in half, I then slightly squat or put on leg up on the bath and just wriggle it in. I find tensing my pelvic muscles a few times after wards pulls it into place, and if it this not gone in far enough a bit of a gentle poke of the stem does the trick.

To remove it I normaly just do it sitting on the loo! Good luck and hope it helps!


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