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1st gynae appointment was useless so feeling really annoyed

I was seen by a female gynae after waiting for weeks on the waiting list, I described all my symptoms to her that I had been suffering with for 3years. After having an internal examination she told me it was probably just IBS and that the pain side of it was just in my head and I needed to get over that myself. I was so annoyed and insisted I had a lapraoscopy so been on the waiting list for this for about 5 weeks. They dont think it's endo as im currently on the depo and so I dont have any symptoms relating to my periods only that the pains start coming the same time every month. All my symptoms seem to link to endo but im so worried they wont find anything and il be back to square one

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It's not back to square one if they don't find endo... apart from the fact you can rejoice that it isn't raging endo.....with a bit of luck,............ it narrows down the search for what is causing it.

Next step after that would be to get an MRI while you are on a period to check for bleeding inside the uterus walls which is a sign of adenomyosis which is so similar to endo only it is restricted to inside muscle tissue hidden from view..rather than endo which is on surfaces and easier to see in a lap op.


That gynea should be struck off saying things like that to a woman, it's all in your head. How disgusting of her.... Please find a proper gynaecologist x


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