Endo and appetite

Hey,so I been trying to manage this for quite few years now.For last 4 years have undergone 4 ops and it`s really wearing me down.Last surgery was quite bigger then other they with endo removed part of a small bowel,thought op was risky I was prepared to undergo anything to get rid of pain and it did,but only for just over year.I am unpleasantly shocked that pain is already back and I know the pain so well that I know is that,I`m seeing my gynie guy on Tuesday,but I kind of know the drill so to speak.Pain is bad,no medication helps and my appetite is so big I just can`t stop eating.Does anyone else have increase in appetite with this?? How do you manage the pain?

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  • I'm so glad you wrote this because I was jus wondering the same, I can have weeks where just smelling food makes me feel sick but other weeks where I just dont feel full and just keep eating and eating and eating... I was wondering if this could be linked to endo as I havent had a diagnosis yet and wondered if this is worth mentioning to my gp? xx

  • See in my head it must be because I`m not really big eater,but I have noticed that also in the past when it have returned I am just starving all the time.Everyone who is around me are quite taken back as well,because I am normally a nibbler,but now I can`t seem to stop... So maybe it is,hopefully someone will add some comments regarding to this ...

  • Hi, I have endo and recently tests revealed that I probably have an overactive thyroid, there was me thinking I had a fast metabolism! many women with endo have thyroid problems, many have a lazy thyroid so I would check that out with your gp. Take care x

  • Hey,Thank you I will have to check it out thought been sick and tired of seeing GP,but what can one do :) and awful acne flareup is another issue .... Cheers

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