Pouch of Douglas...location?!?! Xx

I posted earlier about 2nd opinion and them saying I have still got endo at top of my vagina. He showed me a diagram and said that with me not having my uterus anymore, 'something' is then right between my bladder and bowel, and endo there will be causing my pain when I go to the toilet. However I couldn't quite understand the name he said, and I was wondering would this be the pouch of Douglas? Looking at diagram and where he showed me it seems so?? Thanks xxx

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  • Have a read of this very useful article


    and read the comments underneath the article from Mr Trehan... one of the country's top endo surgeons. It is very informative about post-hysterectomy pain.

    Could be The Vault or the POD that your 2nd opinion was talking about, or something else. They can only guess that endo is causing your pains till until the have a look inside. But you should read the article as it highlights a number of reasons for pain after removal of the uterus.

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