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Fed up!

Hi just joined. Here I am laid up in bed with a horrendous period. I have had heavy painful periods since I can remember. I'm now 30 and things have been beyond bad since I had my son 4 years ago. My main symptom has been severe pelvic pain at the back near the SI joint so I have been referred to all the wrong places for ages and had spinal injections etc.. Which obvs hasn't worked. I have been saying to docs for a while that I think it's linked to my period as that's when the flare ups are. I also get nausea bloating stomach ache stabbing pains in ovaries terrible bowel troubles. The list is endless. The pelvic pain got so bad during my period on August that I ended up in casualty on morphine. During my period I usually end up on paracetamol, tramadol, amitryptiline and I even have licodine patches that release a local anaesthetic. I also have been given oromorph to keep at home incase gets that bad again. Finally in sept a doc listened to me and sent me to a gynaecologist even tho they still didn't believe it was to do with endo. Straight away the gynaecologist believed me and couldn't believe what I was going through and the meds I was on. She said I'd need a laparoscopy which I will be having this Monday coming. She also couldn't believe nobody had told me to trial taking 3 pill packets back to back. I have just done this and had no severe pain during the duration. Just occasional ovary aches and spotting. But this week I have had to have a 7 day break and its horrendous. Can't go to work as symptoms are so bad. Roll on the op on Monday. I feel pretty sure they'll find endo but still worried they'll find nothing and I'll be stuck in agony forever because I'm so used to them not knowing what's wrong with me and not finding anything over the last 4 years. Has anyone else had the laparoscopy? How was it?

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Hi hun I was so scared they wouldn't find anything during my laparoscopy last Tuesday. Id had awful pelvic pain since march.. awful periods.. painful bowel movements.. pain after sex and after urination and was fobbed off a lot by the docs and was taking painkillers all day everyday which at 22 I knew was not normal I was begging the docs to find out what was.wrong.i went back.and forth to a&e.. walk in centres.. my g.p I think I annoyed them that much they got me in for a lap and I finally now have the answers i've been desperate for ( they found endo on my left ovarian fossa.. pouch of douglas. . By my uterosacral ligaments and scarring behind my.womb) which they have burnt away. The likelihood is if your requiring such strong meds such as oramorph and tramadol there is something going on so try not to worry about them finding nothing and the actually lap is not too bad.. I found the worst bit the trapped air pain that you get in the shoulders and neck but hot water bottles and painkillers will make you comfy oh and my first few wee's after were very ouchyyy so don't worry if you experience this too and I was very sleepy for a few days after so take time to relax and recuperate. Hope it all goes well xxx


Thank you so much that's really reassured me. I'm pretty sure if I have it then it'll be in the pouch of douglas as that is where I suffer a lot of pain. The tiredness I've had this week has been extreme and my stomach is so swollen and sore. Hope you are recovering well from your op. mine can't come soon enough.xx


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