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Im new to this, also hoping you can help me!! how quickly can endo return??

Hi, Im new to this so ill give you my story briefly, I've had pain as long as I've had my period (i was 11) im now 21 and finally been diagnosed with edno, its a relief to know its not in my head! I've also had all the other symptoms but im sure you all know what they are!

anyway about 3 months ago i had a lap, they found the endo and treated what they could at the time, i went in a month later to have more removed, the endo had covered my appendix too so they removed them! that's how i know this pain isn't my appendix!

My body is exhausted after the opps, but now i have this sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdo, it shoots down my right leg, there is nothing i can do to get rid of it, i try just rest, its still there! i try go for a walk, its still there, I've tried pain relief, heat packs ect!

is it possible that my endo has come back this quickly??? and aggressively?/? Ive been to my gyno, she has done tests, scans and nothing seems to be abnormal, the only way to see is to go through it all again :(

Please give me your opinion!!

thank you for taking the time to read this!! xx

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I was tge same. I thought I was going mad. Pain all down ny leg and in my foot under my toes..was back in a flash. No taking injections....no pain but not sure its worth it...


It may not be endometriosis this time. It could be it's sidekick ADENOMYOSIS which lives the muscle and can't be detected by surgery. It is much more painful than endometriosis and can only be detected through being injected with dye before having a scan. I do hope you haven't got this one as I have it and it has badly affected all areas of my life. xx


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